Zakat / Donations Needed for Following:

Surgery Type

Average Cost per Patient

Cataract Surgeries – Children8,2898066107
Cataract Surgeries – Adults2,879282338
Glaucoma Surgeries (including laser treatment)6,527635285
Corneal Grafting – Children (Subject to availability of Cornea)44,939430353580
Corneal Grafting – Adults (Subject to availability of Cornea)39,423377310509
Retina Detachment – Children33,601321264434
Retina Detachment – Adults28,710275226371
Laser Treatment for Diabetic Retinopathy1,265131017
ARMD (Age Related Macular Degeneration)3,795373049
Minor Surgery1,199121016
Squint Surgery – Child10,3299982134
Squint Surgery – Adult4,813463863

Exchange Rate
Donation amount in USD @ Rs. 104.70
Donation amount in GBP @ Rs. 127.33
Donation amount in CAD @ Rs. 77.57