LRBT is committed to creating a better Pakistan by preventing the suffering caused by blindness and other eye ailments. To this end it will provide state of the art comprehensive free eye-care in keeping with its tradition of excellence, efficiency and compassion for all.

Blindness in Pakistan: The Stark Reality



Population in 2016 estimated at 192.8 million growing at 1.6% per annum, making Pakistan the world’s 6th most populous country.

21.12 million are Blind and Visually Impaired that is 11% of the total population

1.9 million Blind of which 80% or 1.49 million are Curable.

Additional 190,000 become blind every year.

19.2 million have Impaired Vision.



Rs 7500 ($ 80) average monthly income per capita .

1 of 3 people live on less than Rs 3000 ($32) per month and 91% of this is spent on food.

Another 1 out of 3 live on less than Rs 5775 ($61) per month. With the rise in food prices they have also been driven below the poverty line.

Comparison of Some Eye Treatments in
Private Hospitals/Clinics VS LRBT

Eye TreatmentPrivate Hospital: Charges to PatientCost to LRBT (Free to Poor Patients)
Cataract – Adults17,0002,879
Cataract – Children35,0008,289
Vitro Retinal55,00028,710
Diabetic Retinopathy20,0001,265
Age Related Macular Degeneration (Wet ARMD)75,0003,795
Corneal Transplant70,00039,423
Private Hospital charges are beyondthe capacity of 2 out of every 3 Pakistanis..
Government spends less than 1% of GDPon healthcare (against a minimum requirement of 5 %) which includes Eye care.
For Pakistan’s poor masses LRBT is a haven. Treatment, medicines and surgery are absolutely FREE for the Poor. Millions of people have been saved from the descent into darkness and destitution.