LRBT was awarded the Certificate Of Corporate Excellence in “Not for Profits” by the Management Association of Pakistan (MAP) second time in a row at the 32nd Corporate Excellence Awards Ceremony held on 15th March 2017.

To show appreciation for LRBT’s efforts in our fight against curable blindness in Pakistan Global Giving is proud to make LRBT their Vetted Partner for 2017.

PCP Certified

Zakat dispersion is Shariah compliant

Implementing Partner

Pay your zakat to LRBT to fight blindness and help the under privileged.
Help us construct OPD Areas, Labs, Screening Room, Operation Theatre, etc
Cataract, Glaucoma, Corneal Grafting, Refraction & Other Major & Minor Surgeries
Join the cause. Become a volunteer for LRBT Pakistan.

21 million people in Pakistan are either blind
or have impaired vision; of those 2.5 million are children
Help us to help them!

37 Millionth Patient
Success Story – Rising from the ashes!
6 year old Maryam had an accident at home while playing with siblings and injured her eye leaving her in excruciating pain and a worried poor family. Her father, a painter by profession and mother a house wife still recall the dreadful day with tears in their eyes…
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Create more success stories by helping LRBT.

1 out of 3 people live on less than Rs 3000 ($32) per month and 91% of their income is spent on food.

Blindness in Pakistan – The Stark Reality
1.9 million Blind of which 80% or 1.5 million are Curable.


Fantastic facility and great staff – well done.
Gavin Laws, Head of Governance Africa, Middle East, Pakistan, UK and the Americas - Stand
To visit this institute was an exhilarating and heart rendering experience. On behalf of Infaq Foundation & myself I wish you all the best.
Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim, Justice (R) and Former Governor Sindh - Chairman Infaq Foundation
Impressive and moving to say the least. Hope to continue engagement with LRBT.
Mr. Asif Jooma, Managing Director of Abbott Laboratories (Pakistan)
I don’t have the words to describe the great service being provided by LRBT
Justice M Javed Buttar, Judge Supreme Court of Pakistan & Chairman, Central Zakat Council
Coming to LRBT, one always goes away with a warm feeling that there are good people doing good and that is what Pakistan is all about-
Justice (R) Zahid Q. Alavi, Judge Sindh High Court & Chairman, Provincial Zakat Council