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40th Million Patient of LRBT – 3 year old Monis can see again!

“Amma, amma”, cried 3 year old Monis as a shard of glass hit him in the eye. He was not aware of how it happened, just that one minute he was playing and the next he felt excruciating pain in his left eye.

Saima ran outside fearing the worst as she heard her youngest child’s […]

December 18th, 2018||

LRBT Newsletter 134 (July-September 2018)

LRBT Newsletter 134 (July-September 2018)

November 8th, 2018||

LRBT Newsletter 133 (April-June 2018)

LRBT News Letter 133 (April – June 2018)

October 22nd, 2018||

39th Million Patient of LRBT – Rimsha dares to dream again!

“I can still recall the excruciating pain in my right eye when I tripped and fell on the road 6 years ago. Even though I was very young at that time yet that memory is clear as day.” Rimsha’s mother continues narrating the painful ordeal, “We were on our way to my sister’s house […]

July 9th, 2018||

LRBT Newsletter 132 (January – March 2018)

LRBT News Letter 132 (January – March 2018)

July 6th, 2018||

Ramadan Flyer 2018

This Eid your Zakat can fulfil Afshan’s dream!
In the last 33 years LRBT has transformed the lives of over 38 million patients like Afshan through its network of 19 hospitals and 56 eye centers nationwide but 20 million poor patients still need your help as they cannot afford the treatment.

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May 9th, 2018||

LRBT’s 38th Million Patient – Sher Muhammad

Children are God’s gift to parents, they are HIS blessings. However, for some it turns into test of their patience and their belief in God.

10-year-old Sher Muhammad is one such case. Since childhood his vision was hazy and it had gradually deteriorated over time to the point where he was hardly able to see […]

April 2nd, 2018||

LRBT Newsletter 131 (October – December 2017)

LRBT News Letter 131 (October – December 2017)

March 5th, 2018||

LRBT Annual Review 2017

Established the Layton rahmatulla Benevolent trust in 1984, laying down an inspiring vision, an audacious mission and 4 founding values.

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February 26th, 2018||

LRBT’s 37 Million Patient –Maryam’s journey from darkness to light

On a bright sunny day in a small colony, 6 year old Maryam was returning home, happily skipping along while she regaled her brothers with stories of her day. They smiled at her indulgently and patiently waited for her to complete her story for the third time. Once home Maryam rushed inside to give […]

December 18th, 2017||