LRBT is committed to creating a better Pakistan by preventing the suffering caused by blindness and other eye ailments. To this end it will provide state of the art comprehensive free eye-care in keeping with its tradition of excellence, efficiency and compassion for all.

Blindness in Pakistan: The Stark Reality



Population in 2016 estimated at 192.8 million growing at 1.6% per annum, making Pakistan the world’s 6th most populous country.

21.12 million are Blind and Visually Impaired that is 11% of the total population

1.9 million Blind of which 80% or 1.49 million are Curable.

Additional 190,000 become blind every year.

19.2 million have Impaired Vision.



Rs 7500 ($ 80) average monthly income per capita .

1 of 3 people live on less than Rs 3000 ($32) per month and 91% of this is spent on food.

Another 1 out of 3 live on less than Rs 5775 ($61) per month. With the rise in food prices they have also been driven below the poverty line.

Comparison of Some Eye Treatments in
Private Hospitals/Clinics VS LRBT

Eye Treatment Private Hospital: Charges to Patient Cost to LRBT (Free to Poor Patients)
Cataract – Adults 17,000 2,879
Cataract – Children 35,000 8,289
Glaucoma 10,000 6,527
Vitro Retinal 55,000 28,710
Diabetic Retinopathy 20,000 1,265
Age Related Macular Degeneration (Wet ARMD) 75,000 3,795
Corneal Transplant 70,000 39,423
Private Hospital charges are beyondthe capacity of 2 out of every 3 Pakistanis..
Government spends less than 1% of GDPon healthcare (against a minimum requirement of 5 %) which includes Eye care.
For Pakistan’s poor masses LRBT is a haven. Treatment, medicines and surgery are absolutely FREE for the Poor. Millions of people have been saved from the descent into darkness and destitution.